The sun altar – Fluberget in the Stavanger region 

We decided to go on an easy hike that would take us back on time to the Bronce Age.  To Fluberget, an ancient monument that could have been a religious meeting place.

It is Easter and middle of April, but there was a bit of snow and the weather is a bit cold. We just made sure to wear warm clothes for the rain and cold weather. Walking is a great activity to enjoy despite the weather. 

The rain stopped and the day got warmer in addition to being in movement, so word of advice, don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying outdoors.

The site where Fluberget, the ancient monument is located is next to a house. So it is not always easy to  find it.

170 figures and 80 depressions are visible nowadays in this place. 

The figures and their interpretations

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