Swiss style Villa Breidablikk in Stavanger 

Want to get a real feel of how life was in the 18th century in Stavanger and in Norway? Then you should plan a visit to villa Breidablikk built in 1881.

During your visit to the Stavanger region, I will suggest that you include a visit to the best preserved villas from the 18th century we have, as they are memorials of two important periods for the history of the city.

Breidablikk was built by wealthy merchant and shipowner Lars Berentsen. The family had no heirs so last daughter Olga, donated the house to the city asking for it to be preserved as well as she had. Thus, you can visit the best preserved villa with beautiful and rich decorations from that time.

Cross Eiganesvei from LEDAAL and visit the best preserved villa in the city, Breidablikk.

Built in late 18th century by the Berentsen family, owners of the shipping industry and also in the export business, which resulted in their ownership of 20% of many things in Stavanger.

1880’s the Great Depression as herring completely disappeared from the city, which due the diversity of businesses the family was involved in, didn´t affect so much their wealth.  Beredtsen was a key figure for the survival of the city and was involved in politics so he was name a knight.

When it comes to describing the house and its architecture. This was built in Swiss style which can be easily spoten from the way in, with some romantic and gothic details.

The style is not symmetrical, it was placed in front of LEDAAL on purpose to show the wealth of the family.

The roman and gothic features can be admired in the porch and inside

The house has plenty small details and is rich in decorations. For example, you can find norwegian dragon style decorations inspired in the Viking ships

Interesting items that take you back in time, such as this vacuum brought from the U.S. In 1915 can be found in the villa.

Berentsen travelled extensively so he has gathered souvenirs from all over the world, it is interesting to find them decorating the house.

Old chandeliers adapted for electricity, can be found in the house and help preserve the original feeling of the place.

A wealth of lovely paintings decorate the main room, the collection includes paintings from Kitty Kielland, Gode known from Tideman of Gode, portraits, and others.

The smoking lounge full of detail has lovely light coming in.  Furniture and other details are in rococo style.

The dining room has the original painting from the 18th c. by Kitty Kielland. Berentsen actually became his sort of patron and she was to become one of the first to utilise realistic style in Norway.

These are some of the rooms upstairs

Photo book with pictures from that time.

Great way to learn and experience about life in the 18th century here in the Stavanger region.

During the summer season you can enjoy guided tours with passionate and knowledgeable guides at LEDAAL and Breidablikk villas. From 10am until 4pm in English and Norwegian!

I highly recommend that you get a MUST pass, which allows you to visit all 10 museums in the MUST group in 4 days, this way you can visit two of the best preserved villas in Norway: Breidablikk and Ledaal.

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